New video shows a large gathering of Al Qaeda members meeting out in the open in Yemen. In the clip, Al Qaeda’s leader in Yemen, Nasir al-Wuhayshi appears unmasked and tells the others to remain focused on attacking the United States.

He also says, “We must eliminate the cross … The bearer of the cross is America.”

Analysts say al-Wuhayshi’s public declaration is supposed to demonstrate his power as the head of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

U.S. authorities have identified the video as recent and authentic.

Some faces are blurred in the video, which may suggest that they are Western recruits.

General Jack Keane (Ret.) assessed, “There [are] people that probably are from European countries and other places that if identified, they’re going to be known as being Al Qaeda members and they’re going to be targeted by intelligence services.”

Gen. Keane said the video indicates Al Qaeda’s renewed confidence that hasn’t been seen since Usama bin Laden released training camp videos pre-9/11.

Fox News national security analyst KT McFarland reacted to the video on America’s Newsroom. She warned that Al Qaeda members with European passports could bring terror back to their home countries.

McFarland believes the situation will worsen now that the U.S. government has said it’s leaving the troubled region.

“We are perceived as leaving the Middle East. We are perceived in that part of the world as if we have lost the war.”