Cliven Bundy, his son, Ammon, and his daughter-in-law, Briana, were on “Hannity” tonight to discuss their “range war” against the federal government.

New footage shows that holes were cut in water tanks, and fences were damaged in the standoff with the Bureau of Land Management. An unknown number of cows were also reportedly buried in a mass grave.

Cliven told Sean Hannity that he breaks federal law almost every step that he takes, but he abides by Nevada’s state laws, which he respects very much.

Hannity asked Briana if she’s worried for her family.

“No I’m not, I know my family, and we’re a family of faith and we’re a family of God and we know that what we’re doing is right for the American people and we believe that the lord will protect us, and we saw that on Saturday, and so did the rest of America,” she said.

If authorities come for Cliven in the middle of the night, he said he would go with the sheriff but not with the feds because he doesn’t recognize their jurisdiction or authority.

Watch their interview above. Below, hear Tucker Carlson’s thoughts on the “range war.”

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