A special needs teen was convicted for recording bullies who were picking on him.

Christian Stanfield, 15, said he was bullied every day for months, even though he and his mother had alerted school administrators. The bullying included verbal threats, burning him with a lighter and spitting on him.

“Nothing was ever being done, I felt like we weren’t being heard, I wasn’t being heard, so one day, I decided to record it,” Stanfield told Gretchen Carlson on “The Real Story.”

Instead of punishing the alleged bullies, the school told Stanfield to delete the audio recording, gave him detention and accused him of wiretapping. Then, a judge convicted him of disorderly conduct, fining him $25.

Stanfield and his attorney Justin Steele are planning to appeal and file a civil suit against the school. Steele said that he just learned that the DA will not pursue the prosecution of the charges.

Meanwhile, Stanfield continues to go to school.

“I don’t feel safe, not by a long shot,” he said.

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