Will Carr reported this morning on the heroic actions of some airline passengers, who stopped a 23-year-old man's attempt to open a door on a Southwest Airlines flight.

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Here's more background from AP:

OMAHA, Neb. –  A man removed from a California-bound Southwest Airlines flight is facing federal charges because he tried to open a door.

Prosecutors charged 23-year-old Joshua Carl Lee Suggs Monday with interfering with the crew of the Chicago-to-Sacramento flight.

The plane diverted to Omaha, Neb., Sunday, so Suggs could be removed.

The complaint against the Sacramento man says he refused to return to his seat, as instructed, before trying to open a door. The incident happened about an hour into the flight.

The passengers who helped subdue Suggs told officers his pupils were dilated and his speech was incoherent.

Suggs is expected to appear in court Wednesday. Court records did not show an attorney for him Monday.

Carr reported on some new cell phone video that shows Suggs being taken from the plane after it made an emergency landing in Omaha. One of the passengers that jumped up to help the flight attendants was Dr. Scott Porter, chief resident at UC-Davis Medical Center.

"You hear a stewardess cry for help on a plane and everybody's thinking terrorist, so there were screams. He did not relent. He was fighting back the whole time," said Porter, noting that in his medical opinion Suggs appeared to be on some kind of drugs.

Suggs, who is reportedly no stranger to law enforcement in California, could now face up to 20 years in prison.

Watch the report from America's Newsroom above.

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