Police have reopened a Colorado death investigation that was initially ruled a suicide.

Ashley Fallis was found dead in her home of a gunshot wound to the head on New Year’s Day two years ago.

Authorities say that Ashley and her husband Tom had a New Year’s Eve party, they were drinking, and then they fought because Ashley wanted to smoke marijuana with her family.

Tom claims he was in the closet changing when he heard the gun shot, but Ashley’s family says that Tom shot his wife, and their 6-year-old daughter witnessed it. The police report says their daughter didn’t see anything because the door was closed.

Neighbor Nick Glover, then 15, says he heard Tom tell Tom’s father that he shot Ashley. The police report doesn’t mention that, but Nick, who is now 17, stands by his story.

Nick’s mother Kathy Glover says her neighbor called her and said, “Call the police, your neighbor just shot his wife.” But the police report says that the neighbor said, “Please tell me you called the cops, your neighbor just shot herself.”

There are also discrepancies over where the bullet entered Ashley’s head.

Ashley’s family believes that Det. Michael Yates covered up the crime because Tom is a local deputy.

The investigation has now been handed off to two other police departments.

Watch Trace Gallagher’s report above.

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