Sean Hannity spoke to the Bundy family, Judge Andrew Napolitano and attorney Tamara Holder tonight about the latest in the Nevada “range war” between the federal government and the Bundy family.

The federal government backed down this weekend, but Sen. Harry Reid has said that it’s “not over.” Former Sheriff Richard Mack said the federal government was considering pulling back and then raiding the ranch.

Napolitano said this is becoming “the last straw” with this administration and with big government.

“It’s an in-your-face, overly aggressive, overly harsh, unnecessary enforcement of a federal court order using militaristic tactics that are not necessary in modern society in order to enforce,” he said.

Meanwhile, Holder said the land is not Cliven Bundy’s, calling him a trespasser.

“Can I go into your house and say, ‘You know what, Sean? You don’t use this bedroom and I’m moving into your bedroom. You don’t want it,'” she said.

Hannity fired back that this is about “cattle eating grass on public land that nobody’s using.”

Watch the video above.

Cliven Bundy, his daughter, Stetsy, and his son, Ammon, discussed Reid's remarks that this dispute isn't over.

Cliven told Hannity that Reid should leave him alone. Ammon said that the family isn't afraid at all because the American people have stood up for them.

"I guess cows can eat a lot of grass, but I don't know if they can eat $1 million worth," Stetsy added.

Watch the Bundy family's interview below.

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