Today is the last day to register an assault weapon in New York State. Gun owners risked being charged with a misdemeanor or felony if they don’t do so before the deadline.

It’s part of New York’s gun control law called the SAFE Act, and comes amid resistance from gun owners who believe that registration leads to confiscation.

On The Real Story, Kate Pavlich reported that around one million people in the state are refusing to register their sporting rifles, which are now classified as assault weapons under the Safe Act.

Pavlich believes it’s realistic to think that the government will confiscate Americans’ guns if they aren’t registered.

“If you look at the course of history going back decades and centuries, it is a serious concern,” she said.

Pavlich said that gun owners are fearful that they’ll be made out to be criminals simply for owning a gun. After the Newtown shooting, a local New York newspaper received backlash for publishing the names and addresses of gun owners in the area.

“There are very serious privacy concerns here and it’s not just of gun owners. Let’s not forget that the ACLU, when all that information was published in that newspaper, came out on behalf of gun owners saying that their information should be protected.”

Pavlich said she doesn’t think the ACLU will change its stance on the issue now that the law classifies guns differently.