The situation in Ukraine is getting more violent, with the government sending forces to remove pro-Russian agitators from public buildings in eastern Ukraine.

Sen. John McCain spoke to Bill O’Reilly from Latvia about the issue. He said that if he was the president, he would give Ukraine the means to defend itself. He said we need to provide weapons, send U.S. and NATO forces, and provide economic assistance.

“Other nations will follow if we lead,” he said.

McCain said that he believes that Moldova is Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “next target” and that the Baltic States are very nervous.

“This is a blatant takeover of a country by Vladimir Putin in the old Russian style, and he lies through his teeth, as you know,” McCain said.

McCain said President Barack Obama’s leadership has failed and stressed a “fundamental misreading” of Putin by the United States.

Watch the full interview above.

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