“It is now becoming clear that Russia will try to seize part of Ukraine, an independent country,” Bill O’Reilly said in tonight’s Talking Points Memo.

He said that Russian military personnel in unmarked uniforms are seizing property. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian government is asking the West for help, but its response has been “timid, to say the least.”

O’Reilly said that there’s no question that Russian President Vladimir Putin is a villain who is violating international law.

“Russia wants to seize as much of Ukraine as it can, doesn’t really care about world opinion,” O’Reilly said. “It’s interesting to note that public opinion in America is pretty non-existent. As many of us get set to celebrate Easter and Passover, the level of concern about Ukraine is paltry.”

O’Reilly said that Putin knows that the West is largely apathetic about what happens in Eastern Europe.

“Once again, the situation in Ukraine mirrors what Hitler did in the 1930s,” he said. “Same game plan.”

“The Factor” host said that Putin doesn’t care about the law, human rights or democracy, and Obama is unlikely to effectively confront him anytime soon. “As Putin grows in power, literally anything could happen,” he said.

Sen. John McCain, who is currently in Eastern Europe, will be on The O’Reilly Factor tomorrow. Tune in at 8/11p ET.

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