Trace Gallagher updated us this afternoon on a horrific bear attack that occurred in central Florida. The victim, Terri Frana, was mauled outside her home when she came upon a group of bears rummaging through her trash cans.

One of the bears mauled her, knocking her down, and began to drag her away.

"The bear actually had my wife’s head in its mouth and started to drag her towards the woods," her husband told MyFoxOrlando.

At that point, Frana said all she could think to do was pray.

"I just thought 'God, please, this can't be the end. It can't end like this.' I literally heard Jesus say to me, 'It's OK, you will be at peace with us.' I replied, 'Please, my kids need me.' Then the bear released my head. She let go of my head, and I knew I had to get up off that ground and get away, otherwise I was not going to make it," said Frana, who was then able to get free from the bear's grasp.

Frana was given 30 staples and 10 stitches to close the wounds on her head. Amazingly, her husband said she's "fine now" after the Saturday morning attack.

Gallagher said when authorities arrived, the bears still would not leave. One was shot and killed when it went after one of the responding wildlife officers. Four more were also euthanized after displaying aggressive behavior.

"They displayed abnormal behavior and approached the area and did not leave when they saw us and did not leave when we tried to scare them off," Greg Workman, of Florida Fish and Wildlife, told MyFoxOrlando.

Authorities had recently warned residents that bears would be coming out of hiding, saying they're becoming more and more aggressive.

Any other bears caught in the area will be euthanized or relocated.

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