Stargazers are getting ready for a rare event tonight and early Tuesday, as a total lunar eclipse makes a blood moon visible across much of the United States. The eclipse, which results from the Earth's position between the moon and sun, will begin at 12:53a ET Tuesday, reach totality at 3:06a ET, end at 4:24a ET.

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Discovery magazine editor Corey Powell explained the blood moon this morning on America's Newsroom.

"It's a rare alignment of the Earth, the Sun and the Moon. You get to watch the Earth's shadow sweeping across the moon, so you see a bigger and bigger bite taken out of the moon and then eventually the moon almost disappears, but it doesn't really disappear, it turns a dark coppery blood red. That's why they call it a blood moon," said Powell, explaining you do not need a telescope to see it.

While you're looking up, you can also see Mars, which is the closest it's been to Earth in over six years.

Meteorologists say cloudy skies will make for poor viewing conditions in the eastern U.S. and Pacific Northwest. Clearer skies are expected across much of the central and southwest U.S.

Watch the video above to hear some more cool facts about the celestial event.

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