The Five co-host Greg Gutfeld remarked this evening on a new movie called “Non-Stop,” in which Liam Neeson plays an air marshal trying to stop a terrorist from killing people on a plane.

“Billed as an action film, it’s really a salute to Hollywood’s cowardice in the face of real evil, a propaganda victory for those who hate us,” Gutfeld said.

In the film, the terrorist turns out to be a 9/11 victim’s family member who is aided by a military man, while the person helping the air marshal is a doctor in full Muslim garb. The motive for the bad guy’s attack is to help increase security to prevent future attacks.

“So what’s next, a movie about a Boston bombing victim blowing up other races, and a Muslim stops her? Or maybe a Fort Hood shooting survivor who kills soldiers to help increase protection on bases, and a Muslim doctor stops him? How about a man who beats women to increase awareness about domestic abuse, and a Muslim man stops him? This flick is sponsored by Islamophobia phobia, the fear of accused bigotry driven by liberal guilt and anti-West hate, bolstered by the media fun house, where the mirrors reverse good and evil,” Gutfeld said.

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