The White House has turned down a meeting request from victims of the 2009 Fort Hood shooting.

Sgt. Alonzo Lunsford said he wanted President Barack Obama to meet with him and other survivors on a personal level instead of hearing about how they feel from a third-party briefing. Lunsford was shot seven times by Nidal Hasan in the 2009 mass shooting.

Chief of Staff Dennis McDonough wrote: “We forwarded your letter to the Departments of Justice and Defense, who are leading the government’s efforts to ensure the victims of the 2009 shooting receive the justice and benefits they deserve. Unfortunately, we were unable to meet your specific request for a meeting with the president.”

“It’s the same song and dance,” Lunsford said. “They’ve been saying the same thing for the past five years.” Lunsford said he believes the administration is afraid to face the truth.

“So you served our country and were shot seven times doing it, and [Obama] blows you off and meets with Al Sharpton,” Tucker Carlson remarked, referencing Obama’s speech at Sharpton’s National Action Network conference. “That’s pretty insulting.”

Watch Lunsford’s interview above.

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