A 200-year-old estate is breathing new life into Washington, D.C.’s cultural scene.

Evermay, an estate in Georgetown that was built in 1801, has become a retreat for outstanding young achievers.

S&R Foundation, run by biotech entrepreneurs Sachiko Kuno and Ryuji Ueno, was founded in 2000. The doctors bought the estate for $22 million, and their mission is to support talented young individuals with interests in art, science and social entrepreneurship.

Each year, the foundation gives away awards to five or six young artists and one scientist. Then it does everything it can to support them.

The foundation hosts concerts in Evermay’s ballroom, dinners for donors in the dining room, and they even hold an annual Easter egg hunt on the estate’s grounds.

“Evermay is meant for everyone to enjoy,” Kate Goodall, of the S&R Foundation, said. “We affectionately coined it the ‘citizens' embassy.’”

The S&R Foundation has a new project. The doctors bought another Georgetown mansion, Halcyon House, for $11 million, and they’ll give fellowships to 14 social entrepreneurs this September.

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