Donald Trump was on “Cashin’ In” this weekend to discuss the United States, President Barack Obama and the GOP.

“We don’t have leadership. We don’t have a good leader at the top, we’re being scoffed at all over the world,” Trump said about the United States.

Trump said that Obama has not been the president that the nation has hoped for, and Russian President Vladimir Putin has played him like a fiddle.

Eric Bolling asked him about the New Yorker cover, which shows an Obama caricature spoon-feeding medicine to members of the Republican Party. Trump called it a “very, very sad cover.”

Trump told Bolling that he thinks Hillary Clinton will run for president and says it will be interesting if she does.

He also touched on Jeb Bush’s remarks about illegal immigration being “an act of love,” calling the statements “very unusual.”

“A country has to have borders,” he said.

Watch the full interview above.

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