A string of bad behavior at college campuses is sparking a debate over the underlying factors.

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On Monday night, riots broke out on UConn’s campus after the men’s basketball team won the NCAA tournament.

It was a similar scene last night at the University of Minnesota when students went wild after the school’s hockey team won a semifinal game. Students jumped on cop cars, climbed light posts and threw bottles at police. Officers used tear gas and mace to break up the crowd, and several people were arrested.

At Iowa State University this week, officials cancelled a historic event after violence occurred at a random riot before the celebration.

On Happening Now, Dr. Charles Williams, a psychologist now teaching at Drexel University, and Jedediah Bila, Fox News contributor and former high school academic dean, attempted to explain the madness.

Dr. Williams said, “When you combine Jell-O shots, testosterone and a scoreboard, then you get this craziness.”

He said young people are not capable of controlling their impulses, adding that it’s the responsibility of adults to rein them in.

Bila agreed that it’s mostly the responsibility of parents to step up and get involved in their kids’ lives. She said the bad behavior continues because there are no serious consequences.

“The schools should throw these kids out,” Bila said.  “Call their parents. Make them pay for the property damage that they’re inflicting on other people. I guarantee you their parents will be quick to respond if it comes out of their pocketbooks.”

Increasingly, teens are posting their outrageous behavior on social media and bragging about it.

Jenna Lee wondered why they’re not afraid of it coming back to bite them when they need a job.

Dr. Williams said that when kids see people like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus boosting their celebrity by acting out, they want to imitate that in hopes of becoming famous.