President Obama announced his choice to replace Health and Human Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. Her resignation was announced on Thursday evening, months after the rocky ObamaCare rollout.

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The president named Sylvia Burwell, the current Office of Management and Budget director, as his HHS secretary nominee.

Today at the White House, President Obama praised Sebelius’ accomplishments.

“Of course what Kathleen will go down in history for is serving as the secretary of Health and Human Services when the United States of America finally declared that quality, affordable health care is not a privilege, but it is a right for every single citizen,” he said.

President Obama also touted Burwell’s legacy as OMB director, including her handling of the government shutdown.

“I hope that the Senate confirms Sylvia without delay,” he said, adding. “She’s going to do great. Last time she was confirmed unanimously. I’m assuming not that much has changed since that time.”

Watch President Obama's remarks, followed by Sebelius and Burwell above.