Brazil's Globo TV was reporting on the rampant crime in Rio de Janeiro, which is getting set to host the World Cup in a few months.

According to NPR, the reporter had just asked the older woman if she's afraid of criminals in the area when a young man came up from behind, snatched the necklace she was wearing and ran off.

The suspect's face is obscured in accordance with Brazilian law because he's believed to be a minor. The reporter briefly chased the boy, who got away but dropped the gold necklace.

Authorities say the crime rate is getting worse and worse as soccer fans from all over the world get ready to descend on Rio and other Brazilian cities in mid-June. Read more from the NPR report below, and check out the video above from Fox and Friends.

A newspaper report Thursday warns that criminals have been at ATMs at Rio's main international airport. Fourteen machines were compromised there.

According to the police, cellphone robberies in Rio have gone up 121 percent since last year. Robberies on buses have spiked 118 percent. In one popular area called Santa Theresa, street robberies have gone up 93 percent. Murders in Rio de Janeiro state have jumped 18 percent this year.

This is despite an aggressive policing program called pacification, in which specially trained police units are now based in troubled favelas, or shantytowns.

Last month, Rio's state government had to ask for help from the federal government to pacify the vast slum complex known as Mare, home to 130,000. Despite tanks on the streets, there have been shootouts between drug gangs and security forces in recent days.