Chimps are smart. If you need definite proof of this, look no further than Kansas City, where seven clever chimpanzees escaped from their enclosure Thursday afternoon.

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The zoo's executive director, Randy Wisthoff, said one chimp was clearly the "ringleader" of the operation. As you can see in the video above from America's Newsroom, the chimp was able to prop a large tree branch up against the wall of his enclosure.

He made his way up the improvised ladder and with a few jumps he was walking along the top of the wall. Wisthoff said the leader then summoned other chimps, and six others did the same.

The zoo had to go into lockdown while officials corralled the loose animals. Three of the seven actually made it all the way over the wall and into a zookeeper's area.

None of the chimps entered public areas. No one, including the chimps, were hurt during the escape.

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