As we mark one year since the Boston Marathon bombing, take a look back at the heroism that emerged from the terror.

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In the Fox News Reporting special, “Terror Strikes Boston, Boston Strikes Back,” get first-hand accounts of eye-witnesses, first responders, medical teams and Boston police.

The clip above shows the manhunt for the second suspect as it was unfolding. The Watertown police involved in the shootout with Dzhokhar Tsarnaev returned to the crime scene to tell their stories.

Chief Joseph Cafarelli, from the North Metro Squad, recalled the moments after Tsarnaev was captured.

“It was like the Super Bowl, Stanley Cup and World Series all rolled into one,” he said. “Just the outpouring of support from the public was incredible.”

Watch the video above and tune in Sunday at 9p ET to see the full "Fox News Reporting: Terror Strikes Boston, Boston Strikes Back.”

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