Tensions are flaring in the standoff between Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and the federal government.

In 1993, the government decided his land is a habitat for federally protected desert tortoises. Since then, Bundy defied two court orders to remove hundreds of cattle. The feds say he is trespassing and owes up to a million dollars in grazing fees.

The showdown escalated on Wednesday when Bundy’s supporters confronted armed federal officials. The family claims an elderly woman was thrown on the ground and another protester was Tased three times.

About 300 of Bundy’s cattle have been seized. His son says the tortoise isn’t endangered and is being used a scapegoat for government control.

Cliven and his son Amman joined spoke to Hannity tonight.

“They want total, unlimited power over the people of the United States,” Cliven said, adding that the land is state property.

He called on the Nevada governor to speak out against the federal government’s actions.

Cliven is threatening a “range war” if the government doesn’t pull back.

He told Hannity, “We’re going to do whatever it takes to secure our liberty, life and custom and cultures. And we’re going to stand up for state sovereignty, our Constitution. That’s what we’re here for.”