You've heard of flash mobs, but what about mass mobs? Lauren Green shed some light on the phenomenon today on Happening Now.

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These social media-fueled groups are showing up in more and more places, breathing life and attendance into some parishes that are struggling with low attendance.

One church in Philadelphia saw a fivefold increase in attendance on the Sunday where a "mass mob" showed up. Organizers got the idea from young people in Buffalo and "mass mobs" have been spreading to other cities like Rochester, NY, Cleveland and Columbus.

While these "mobs" can give a church a nice boost on a Sunday morning, Green noted the question that remains is whether they can make a difference over the long haul. A recent Pew Research Center study showed only 40 percent of U.S. Catholics saying they attend mass regularly.

Pope Francis is credited with sparking enthusiasm among young people since beginning his papacy, especially with his use of Twitter.

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