William La Jeunesse brought us the latest this morning on the standoff between a Nevada rancher and the federal government. The dispute centers on cattle belonging to 68-year-old Cliven Bundy.

The Bureau of Land Management says the cattle are grazing on federal land and more than 100 have been seized by authorities.

In 1993, the government decided that the land Bundy ranches on is a habitat for federally protected desert tortoises. Bundy then refused to pay new grazing fees and continued letting his cattle graze on the land, arguing that his ancestors worked the land since the 1870s, long before the Bureau of Land Management was formed.

One protester at the scene, a veteran, said he's there showing support for the Bundy family, saying the actions of the government are "not what I fought for this country for."

On Wednesday, federal agents used Tasers and guard dogs to fend off dozens of angry protesters, who became enraged when an elderly woman was knocked to the ground. Critics see the standoff as an example of government overreach, with one protester questioning whether armed agents at the scene would shoot protesters.

The Bundy family has asked militia members at the scene not to wear military fatigues or carry their weapons openly in order to keep the standoff from becoming violent.

Watch the report above, and tune in to Hannity, tonight at 10p/1a ET to hear from Cliven Bundy and some of the protesters.