Injured students are recovering today after a 16-year-old student went on a stabbing rampage at a Pennsylvania high school on Wednesday.

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Alex Hribal is the prime suspect in the stabbings of 22 people at Franklin Regional Senior High School. He has been charged with attempted homicide, aggravated assault and possessing a prohibited weapon on school property.

Today at a local hospital, injured student Brett Hurt recounted the moment he was attacked.

He told reporters he was goofing off with student Gracey Evans when the attacker approached them in the hallway. Brett reportedly threw his body in front of Evans to protect her. He was stabbed in the back and has a bruised lung.

Brett said he needs time to cope with the incident before he can go back to school. Tearful, his mom Amanda Leonard called it a godsend that her son and the other students are alive.

“I don’t think any parent in the world would ever want to go through that kind of agony,” she said, sending her condolences to the other parents.

Brett said he met Hribal a couple times, but never really talked to him. “I don’t know his reputation, but after today he’s going to have a bad one.”

Amanda said it’s the responsibility of the community to figure out why Hribal was compelled to do this. 

“I’ve been thinking,” Brett said, “Maybe if he had more friends or somebody to help him out or to like show him a different path, maybe it would’ve been different.”

He added, “I just hope that one day … I can forgive him and everyone else can forgive him. Most of all, he needs to forgive himself.”

Watch clips from the press conference above and below.