A House committee has recommended that the Justice Department consider criminal prosecution of ex-IRS official Lois Lerner. On Thursday, a separate committee will vote on whether to hold Lerner in contempt of Congress for twice refusing to testify on the scandal. 

'You Don't Want to Go There, Buddy!': Holder, Gohmert in Heated Exchange

Bill O'Reilly assessed the developments this morning on Fox and Friends, saying Attorney General Eric Holder is going to continue to stonewall unless the House grants Lerner immunity from prosecution in exchange for testimony. If Lerner still refuses to testify, then he said Holder would "have to arrest her."

"Whenever Holder appears anywhere, he has one line and one line only: 'I can't tell you anything because the investigation's still underway.' That's what he says and he's gonna say that until Barack Obama leaves office," said O'Reilly, adding that the mainstream media has no interest in finding out the truth in the IRS scandal "because they have emotion invested in President Obama's success."

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