A Democratic congressional candidate who has promised "war" on Fox News, the Tea Party, the NRA and "other trash" went On the Record with Greta Van Susteren tonight to explain his threat.

Greta: Dem Vowing War Against Fox News Should Drop Out of Race

"Why do you hate me?" Greta Van Susteren asked Virginia candidate Mike Dickinson. Dickinson is challenging Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.).

"I have a problem with all of Fox News," Dickinson replied.

"Well, but no, what about me? I'm Fox News, I'm 'trash,' apparently, so what's wrong with me?" Van Susteren pressed. 

"I don't have a problem with you personally, I have a problem with the company you work for. I think that the facts are misrepresented. Every day is an attack on Obama," Dickinson said, also admitting that he doesn't watch much of Fox News Channel.

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Van Susteren went on to question Dickinson on his feelings toward the Tea Party. "You don't have anything against the First Amendment, do you?" Van Susteren asked. "Nah, I love the First Amendment," Dickinson said.

"Then why can't they have their position?" Van Susteren asked. "I think that they can have their position, but I think that they misrepresent their position," Dickinson responded. He went on to say that the Tea Party needed a war against them because their portrayal of who they are isn't who they are.

"That's really bad to portray yourself not as who you are, right?" Van Susteren said. With that, she began reading a letter to a local Virginia newspaper which Dickinson had written in 2013, falsely claiming to be the CEO of Mid-Atlantic Show Clubs, a group of strip clubs.

"That wasn't true, was it?" Van Susteren asked. "I consulted for them, I did," Dickinson said.

"It says CEO of Mid-Atlantic. Were you the CEO?" Van Susteren asked. 

"You got me there," Dickinson ultimately said, after a little back-and-forth. 

Van Susteren, pulling no punches, also pointed out that in the "Meet Mike" section of Dickinson's campaign website, he mentions nothing about having been a lobbyist for strip clubs. "We don't really learn about Mike here, do we?" Van Susteren asked.

"You learn about Mike on Twitter every day," Dickinson replied.

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