Sparks flew on Capitol Hill yesterday as Attorney General Eric Holder was set off by a comment from Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX). In a House Judiciary Committee hearing, Gohmert told Holder that it appeared being in contempt of Congress doesn't matter to Holder.

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“I realize that contempt is not a big deal to our Attorney General, but it is important that we have proper oversight," Gohmert said.

Holder responded, “You don’t want to go there buddy! You don’t want to go there, OK?”

“You should not assume that that is not a big deal to me,” said Holder, pointing his finger at Gohmert. “I think it was inappropriate, I think it was unjust, but never think that that was not a big deal to me. Don’t ever think that.”

The two continued at one another, with Gohmert telling Holder, "I don't need lectures from you about contempt!"

"I don't need lectures from you either," said Holder.

The GOP-led House voted in 2012 to hold the attorney general in contempt for failing to provide key documents on Operation Fast and Furious. The legal battle is still ongoing.

Watch the contentious exchange in the clip above.

Later on Fox and Friends, Gohmert spoke to Brian Kilmeade (video below) about the tense back-and-forth, explaining that his questioning stemmed from the DOJ's refusal to turn over documents related to the Holy Land Foundation terror funding trial. Gohmert said he has no personal issue with Holder, saying he "seems like a likeable guy."

"But he's the highest law enforcement officer in the country. And he's obviously making personal choices rather than objective choices about who he prosecutes and persecutes and who he doesn't. ... I don't think he's doing his job," said Gohmert.

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