It was another dramatic day in court as Oscar Pistorius testified for the third straight day in his murder trial. Pistorius is accused of murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, who he shot dead at his home in South Africa last year.

'I Was Trying to Protect Reeva': Oscar Pistorius Tearfully Apologizes to Dead Girlfriend's Family

The prosecution showed video in court of the former Olympian on a gun range shooting a watermelon. He can be heard saying it is softer than brain and calling the gun a "zombie stopper."

Then, the prosecutor showed a gruesome photo of Steenkamp after she was killed. He pressed Pistorius to look at the photo and take responsibility for what he had done.

Crying, Pistorius​ answered, “I’ve taken responsibility, but I will not look at a picture where I’m tormented by what I saw and felt that night. As I picked Reeva up my fingers touched her head. I remember. I don’t have to look at a picture. I was there.”

Judge Andrew Napolitano went on Shepard Smith Reporting to give his take on Oscar Pistorius taking the stand.

Napolitano said, "The question is what was in his mind. Was he trying to kill her in response to the argument they had about which neighbors testified, or did he really believe it was an intruder and not her."

Shepard Smith compared this to the OJ Simpson case, to which Napolitano responded, "If OJ had taken the stand in his case, he'd be on death row today...there's no way he could have withstood cross examination, we don't know if Oscar Pistorius is going to withstand cross examination."

Watch the video above.

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