Nearly two years ago, Staff Sgt. Travis Mills was critically injured in Afghanistan. He lost parts of both arms and both legs, becoming the nation’s fourth quadruple amputee.

INSPIRING: Jenna Lee Updates Us on Quadruple-Amputee Vet Travis Mills

Jenna Lee spoke to Mills on Happening Now for an update on how he has adapted to life with his wife and daughter since his injury.

Mills said the April 10th anniversary, which he calls “Alive Day,” is not a sad day.

“I don’t consider myself wounded anymore and it’s just one of those days that I was hurt on that you’re going to remember … and think, ‘oh, that was a rough day,’” he said, adding that he’s excited to be able to move on.

Mills has been traveling the country screening the documentary that follows his recovery called, “Travis Mills: A Soldier’s Story.”

He has also spoken to other amputees, including people from the Boston Marathon bombing.

“I tell them 'you’re going to be okay. You’re going to fine. Let’s talk about it.' And I let them just ask questions and see what’s going on,” Mills said.

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