One Nevada rancher is threatening to wage a “range war” against the government.

In 1993, the government decided that the land Cliven Bundy ranches on is a habitat for federally protected desert tortoises. Bundy then refused to pay new grazing fees and continued letting his cattle graze on the land, arguing that his ancestors worked the land since the 1870s, long before the Bureau of Land Management was formed.

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In 1998, the Bureau of Land Management revoked Bundy’s grazing permit and issued a federal injunction ordering cattle off of the land and igniting more than a decade worth of legal filings. Last year, a judge authorized the order to impound cattle, and phase one of impounding began this April 5.

As of Monday, authorities had seized 134 cattle, many of which belong to Bundy.

Bundy was on “Hannity” to discuss the issue. He said that the land his animals are grazing on is public and that the tortoises are just an excuse for bureaucratic control.

Sean Hannity asked Bundy how far he is willing to go in his “range war.”

“My statement to the American people: I’ll do whatever it takes to gain our liberties and freedom back,” he said.

UPDATE, April 10: Bundy’s family and supporters confronted rangers who were trying to round up his cattle. On Wednesday, federal agents used Tasers and guard dogs to fend off dozens of angry protesters. 

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Watch the Hannity interview above and check out new video of the armed standoff below. Tune in to The Five, today at 5p ET to hear their take.