“I know how to get to the bottom of the IRS scandal – crowdsourcing,” Greta Van Susteren said tonight.

Van Susteren said that the IRS should just hand over all of the records and emails, post them online and have the public scour them.

“Forget Congress – there’s no sense of urgency there,” she said, adding that it takes forever to get answers from them, as if they’re on Quaaludes.

“Of course, they’re not getting audited or denied tax exempt status, so what’s the rush, right?”

Van Susteren said the president’s no help either. He says he loves transparency, but Van Susteren said he decided what happened before the facts were known.

“I bet the targeted trust the American people more than they trust Congress, the president, and the IRS all rolled into one. So let’s get privacy waivers, let’s put it all on the Internet - transparency - and let’s see where the chips may fall.”

Watch her full “Off the Record” remarks above.