Hold on to your cars! Vandals are flipping over smart cars in San Francisco, California.

On Your World, Trace Gallagher reported, "Authorities aren't sure if this is actually a political statement or a prank, but they are pretty sure the reason these smart cars are targeted is because they only weigh about 1,600 pounds, about the same by the way as a full grown cow."

Witness Brandon Michael said the vandals were well organized. "All of a sudden I just see eight hooded figures ... all huddle around it and then just lift it up and sit it on its hind legs, like a dachshund sitting on its hind legs."

According to Gallagher's report, some believe the tipping may be related to the growing tension over the tech boom, rents rising and real estate going up.

With the cars being so badly damaged, the vandals could be charged with felonies if caught. 

Watch the video above.