A Moroccan man has been arrested in Connecticut for falsifying an asylum claim, but authorities say they also uncovered alleged plans to bomb a school and a federal building.

The FBI says it has recorded phone conversations where 27-year-old El Mehdi Semlali Fathi said he had the tools to build bombs and planned to use model planes to fly them into targets.

Fathi came from Morocco on a U.S visa. His application said he’d never been to college and had never been arrested.

In 2009 he enrolled in Virginia International University, but flunked out. He was later arrested for theft and trespassing, which is when authorities learned his visa was not valid. They threatened deportation, so Fathi asked for asylum.

Fathi claimed that he had been arrested and badly beaten for protesting the Moroccan government while in college back home, even though his visa application said he hadn’t been arrested or in college.

Now, Fathi is being detained without bail.

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