Police in Michigan arrested an allegedly drunken woman after she called 911 for a ride home. Alana Sims, 24, apparently dialed 911 asking for an escort home, but then hung up.

The dispatcher called back and asked her why she needed a ride home.That's when Sims told the dispatcher, “I’ve been drinking a little much, but I don’t know. I know a few people over there at the police station, so that’s why I was calling. All the cabs are too busy.”

The dispatcher told her to wait inside the restaurant for someone come to talk to her.

Instead of a lift home, Sims was taken to the police station. She faces charges including falsely summoning a police officer. She is due in court today.

My FOX Detroit reported

Police want to remind the public calling 911 if you are intoxicated and in actual need of help is not a crime. Police say, however, treating the dispatcher like a taxi service is a waste of time and is criminal activity.

"Truthfully, any bar, if you go to the bar or the bartender and tell them that you have a need to get a ride home, they will make arrangements to help and assist to get you home," says Troy Sgt. Andy Breidenich.

Listen to the 911 call above.