President Obama announced executive action today to strengthen equal pay laws. The executive orders prohibit federal contractors from taking action against employees who openly discuss their wages and will require federal contractors to provide worker compensation data organized by race and gender.

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The actions were announced today, which is "Equal Pay Day," but critics are highlighting income gaps between the men and women who work in the White House. Jay Carney was asked Monday about an analysis by the American Enterprise Institute that found female employees at the White House earn, on average, 12 percent less than their male colleagues.

Carney said the number is better than the national average.

"And when it comes to the bottom line that women who do the same work as men have to be paid the same, there is no question that that is happening here at the White House at every level," said Carney.

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Laura Ingraham reacted today on Fox and Friends, disputing the oft-cited statistic that women are paid, on average, 77 cents for every dollar a man makes for the same work. She pointed out a Wall Street Journal article that laid out many factors that are not accounted for in the federal statistics on pay gaps.

"Equal Pay Day, it makes the left feel like they're accomplishing something. ... This is the way the left keeps the drumbeat going. I'd say it's the four D's: deflect, divide, demean, and distract. We're distracting from really bad and lousy job-creation for the Obama administration. It's not surprising. This is what they always do, It's just a total myth," said Ingraham, arguing that what President Obama is doing is making it easier for employees to sue their employers.

"That's great. That's exactly what we need at a time when we're not creating good-paying jobs for women, men, people of all ethnicities," she said.

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