A California bill that sought to ban killer whale shows at SeaWorld has failed to pass the Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee.

Instead, the committee will revisit the issue after it conducts a study over the next year.

Sean Hannity discussed the issue tonight with former SeaWorld killer whale trainer Bridgette Pirtle Davis and Lisa Lange, PETA senior vice president of communications.

Pirtle Davis said that the animals at SeaWorld are not mistreated and she did not feel in jeopardy there. She said her decision to leave was for her family, who feared for her safety after the tragic death of whale trainer Dawn Brancheau.

Lange said that SeaWorld’s performances teach kids that it’s OK to take animals from their homes and force them to perform.

Pirtle Davis said that the whales at SeaWorld receive top quality care. She said that trainers and whales communicate using sign language, and the whales are asked daily if they wish to perform. If they don’t want to, they are not forced. 

“You can’t argue that they would choose a pool versus the ocean, you just simply can’t,” Lange said.

Hannity also pressed Lange on whether or not PETA is against all forms of animal consumption.

“In your world, you would make it illegal to eat chicken. In your world, you would make it illegal to eat steak,” Hannity said to Lange.

“Yes, I would make slaughtering animals illegal tomorrow if I could, absolutely,” she told Hannity.

Watch the heated debate above.

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