New York City’s finest and bravest had an all-out brawl during a charity hockey game – and it's all caught on camera (below).

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Members of the New York City police and fire departments were taking part in the game at Nassau Coliseum on Long Island when the bench-clearing fight broke out.

Reports say it started when officials tried to break up a fight on the ice and it quickly escalated. The game was delayed and several players were ejected.

Newsday reported:

The video recordings show the melee occurred during the second period of the match, as the teams were tied 3-3. Referees are seen struggling to break up the brawl.

The game continued after the fight and the NYPD won 8-5. It was the NYPD's first victory after five straight wins by the firefighters.

Officials have not yet commented on the brawl. Watch YouTube video of the fight below:

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