A Kentucky jail is helping boost ObamaCare numbers by signing up exiting inmates for Medicaid through the exchange.

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USA Today reported that while federal rules ban the use of Medicaid while a person is incarcerated, it does not apply to someone who is hospitalized for at least 24 hours.

Kentucky has about 12,000 inmates. The average medical cost per inmate in 2013 was over $4,000.

On America’s Newsroom, Fox News contributor Tony Sayegh blasted the moral and political argument of this policy.

He said, “The fact that you’re putting on the same level a working, poor person who needs to benefit from the expansion of Medicaid, and an inmate who breaks the law and for whom crime pays by giving them Medicaid benefits at taxpayer expense for life is ridiculous.”

Sayegh said the economic burden is just being transferred from local municipalities to the federal government.

Mary Anne Marsh, a former John Kerry advisor, noted that taxpayers are already covering the incarceration and health care for prisoners. She argued that there's a fundamental unfairness in the system needs to be fixed.

“It’s unfair that the correction officer guarding that inmate has to work for 20 years and pay into a pension system to get health benefits for life,” Sayegh said. “We now give it to inmates just because they qualify under new ObamaCare regulations.”

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