Anyone out there looking for a sales rep? You may want to take a look at sixth-grader Katie Francis, the new cookie-selling world record holder.

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She shattered the 30-year-old record by selling 21,477 boxes of cookies, and she sat down with Elisabeth Hasselbeck this morning to reveal how she did it.

Katie, a resident of Oklahoma City, explained that on weekdays she spent about seven hours a day selling cookies, asking every person she saw.

On weekends? No rest and relaxation for Katie, who said 11, 12 and 13-hour days were typical.

"I actually decided last year I wanted to beat the world record and at the beginning of my sale my goal was 18,100. When I got to that goal, I raised it to 20,000. And then when I got to that, I went on to 21,000," she explained, noting that Thin Mints are the top seller.

Katie said she quickly learned that to be successful in sales, you can't take "no" personally.

Watch the interview above.

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