Recently we brought you the story of a 73-year-old grandmother who was busted for operating a drug tunnel between Mexico and the United States.

"ObamaCare" Heroin Discovered

ICE agents arrested Glennys “Gladys” Rodriguez of Chula Vista, California, accusing her of overseeing the tunnel’s construction.

Federal agents have discovered three drug tunnels connecting Mexico to the United States in the past week.

Fox News reporter Will Carr gave viewers an exclusive look inside one of the more sophisticated tunnels in San Diego.

Investigators discovered the tunnel inside a warehouse. The “super tunnel” has its own rail system that transports the drugs from Mexico, lighting and ventilation. It reportedly took a year to build and cost one million dollars.  

Carr reported that the soil in the area is easy to dig through, allowing cartels to dig inch by inch without using explosives. 

Watch the Happening Now report above to see an exclusive look inside the drug tunnel.

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