A 1978 historic effort has been turned into a play featuring a familiar face.

“Camp David” tells the story of how then-President Jimmy Carter and his wife spent 13 days at the presidential retreat, struggling to negotiate a peace treaty between the Egyptian president and Israeli prime minister. Richard Thomas stars as Carter.

“All three of these men had a huge amount to lose and many reasons to walk away, and the kind of human miracle of the show is they just stayed at it until it got done,” Thomas said.

Thomas is best known for his role as John-Boy in hit TV show “The Waltons.” He has worked steadily ever since and now plays an FBI agent in TV series “The Americans.”

“I get to work in the theater, I get to work on TV, and it's a wonderful life,” Thomas said. “You know, they're going to have to carry me off in a box.”

Carter, who is now 89, went to the show’s opening this week.

"Camp David” runs at Arena Stage in Washington, D.C., until May 4. The cast hopes to take it to Broadway.

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