The IMF will kick off meetings next week, with finance ministers and central bank heads gathering in Washington.

IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde was on “Sunday Morning Futures” to preview the meetings.

Lagarde said she hopes to have all of the players talk to each other to effort better growth and more job creation. She told Maria Bartiromo that a degree of uncertainty and a lack of confidence are holding back employment.

Lagarde also discussed the IMF aid package to Ukraine, which she said will likely be between $14-18 billion.

“It’s clear that Ukraine needs a concerted action by […] the coalition of the willing, if you will,” she said.

Bartiromo also asked Lagarde if she has ever felt during her career that men were not taking her seriously, and how she dealt with it.

“Sense of humor, that’s unbeatable,” she said.

Watch their interview above.

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