Bob Beckel was on “Media Buzz” this week to discuss being the only liberal co-host on “The Five.”

Beckel often gets a lot of heat for his politics, even dislocating his finger recently in an altercation with a viewer outside of the Fox News building. He said he gets a lot of angry emails, but he also hears from a lot of Fox’s conservative viewers that he is their favorite liberal.

“I think what makes ‘The Five’ work is that we’ve got good chemistry and we don’t carry it off the set […]I think people wanna hear people differ but they don’t wanna hear people scream about it,” Beckel told Howard Kurtz.

Beckel, who is often defending President Barack Obama, said he believes the White House has a messaging problem.

“I’m surprised that a guy [who’s] as articulate as that can’t express himself or besides that, get behind the message, that’s the real problem,” he said.

Beckel said one of the problems with ObamaCare is that the White House set expectations high and couldn’t meet them.

Kurtz and Beckel also discussed Beckel’s role as Walter Mondale’s campaign manager in 1984. Mondale lost 49 states in a presidential race against Ronald Reagan.

“Only in America can you manage the largest loss in the history of politics and get on air as a political analyst,” Beckel said.

Watch the full interview above.

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