Secretary of State John Kerry has been meeting with Israeli and Palestinian leaders to try and broker a peace deal with just weeks left in a nine-month negotiating table.

Kerry recently said there are limits to the amount of time that the U.S. can spend on this process.

On “The Kelly File,” Charles Krauthammer said “any sentient observer of the Middle East” would have known nine months ago that this deal would never succeed.

“And the worst thing for an American secretary of state to do is to make a fool of himself in front of the world, engaging in a quixotic endeavor that everybody understood was impossible," he said.

Megyn Kelly asked Krauthammer why Kerry initiated the talks in the first place.

“What do you think I am, a psychiatrist?” Krauthammer quipped. He said he thinks that either Kerry decided to focus on an area of the world that’s not in complete crisis or was attempting to get a Nobel prize.

“But it doesn’t make sense at any level,” Krauthammer said. "That’s the problem, not that he failed — that was utterly predictable from the very beginning — but that he initiated it.”

Watch Krauthammer’s full analysis above.

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