Today on Your World, Mike Huckabee spoke to Neil Cavuto about the 2016 election, ObamaCare and the job market.

Christie on a 2016 Run: 'I'll Consider It'

He said more young people are paying the penalty than buying health insurance because they simply can't afford it. He believes America's youth is annoyed by the Democratic Party's policies.

“There’s not a good job market. They have huge student loans – they can’t pay them off. They’re still living in their parents’ basements because that’s the only place they can afford right now. They’re being forced to buy insurance that in some cases they don’t want, in other cases they can’t afford.”

The biggest game changer is concerns over privacy. Huckabee said that despite the over-sharing social media culture, the youth does not want government spying on them.

“It’s one thing to say here’s what I want the world to know, but I don’t want the world to make the decision,” Huckabee said, calling it understandable.

Cavuto asked Huckabee, “If you were to run for president, and polls in Iowa look very good for you, how would you reach out young people?”

Huckabee said he’d remind them that conservatives stand for protecting income and privacy rights.

“You don’t go after law-abiding people in order to protect them from lawbreakers,” the former Arkansas governor said in regards to dealing with terrorism.

So will the Gov run? 

He told Cavuto, “If I were to run, it’s not because I’ve been on television. It’s because I governed a state effectively and successfully for 10.5 years and I did it in a very, very blue state.”

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