A dramatic rescue was caught on tape this week in Chicago, where a heroic off-duty TSA officer jumped onto subway tracks to save a woman. In the cell phone video you can see Eddie Palacios, a 50-year-old father of two, on the tracks, waving his arms to get the train to stop.

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Fox Reporter Rushes to Help Man Who Fell Onto Train Tracks

He happened to be wearing a brightly colored University of Illinois jacket, which may have helped the train operator stop in time. The train was speeding toward the station when the woman fell onto the tracks, causing panic among commuters Wednesday morning.

The incredible scene was captured by an employee of DNAinfoChicago.com, which first reported the details of the incident.

According to the report, the woman was taken to a hospital but her condition was not known. A witness at the scene said the woman looked impaired and smelled of alcohol.

On Fox and Friends this morning, Palacios described how it all went down. He recalled that he heard screams of "she fell!" and went to the other side of the platform where the commotion was taking place.

"I looked at myself and realized I had an orange sweatshirt on, and I said, 'OK, the train is far enough for me to jump down into the tracks, wave to try and slow down the train before any more harm came to the person on the tracks,'" he explained.

Palacios insisted that he shouldn't be called a "hero" and was only doing what any of his TSA colleagues would have done.

"Believe it or not, the people I work with, my counterparts, they would have done the same thing in my situation. We would; we need each other," said Palacios.

Watch the video and the interview above.

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