A video recorded by a conservative campus group shows attendees at a feminist conference freely giving interviews to a female reporter until they learned she is with a conservative organization. 

In the video, the feminist interviewees can be heard saying things like, "Everybody can be a feminist, really," and several are quick to offer that feminism is "inclusive," but when they are told by event organizers and bystanders that the interviewer they are speaking with is from conservative group Campus Reform, the tone changes. 

"You guys aren't wanted here," one attendee tells the Campus Reform reporter. 

Several event organizers are caught on video warning attendees who are approached by the Campus Reform reporter.

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As the reporter attempts to ask one conference attendee what feminism means to her, an organizer stands up from a nearby booth and says, "Hey, I just want to let you know this is a conservative media site, so I just wanted to warn you."

Megyn Kelly was joined by trial attorney Eboni Williams and radio show host Dana Loesch to discuss the controversial footage. 

See the full segment above.