The Red Eye panel of Greg Gutfeld, Andy Levy, Lou Dobbs, Joanne Nosuchinksy and Sherrod Small had some fun with what many are calling the most uncomfortable/awkward moment in "Jeopardy!" history.

Alex Trebek Gets Political on ‘The Five’

WATCH: The 'Mad Genius of Jeopardy' Goes Over His Controversial Strategy

In the clip, which aired earlier this week on the popular game show, a contestant named Tom Kavanaugh explained that if he were to win, he would use the money for a documentary on sweatshop labor.

He then quipped to Alex Trebek, "maybe you can find out the names of the eight-year-olds who made your fancy suit there, Alex."

Dobbs pointed out that hundreds of those documentaries have been made, yet sweatshop labor continues today.

"Here we are 50 years later, people are still doing documentaries on sweatshops and being sanctimonious as hell about it," he said.

Enjoy the full discussion above.

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