New York radio hosts started a firestorm of debate over whether it was right for Mets' player Daniel Murphy to take a two-game paternity leave. Players are allowed a three-day absence after being placed on paternity leave.

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Radio host Boomer Esiason issued an apology to the Murphy family after he originally blasted the Mets' player, saying that his baseball livelihood would help take care of his son for the rest of his life.

Today on The Real Story, Gretchen Carlson said, “I thought parenting was a team sport.”

She pointed out that there are 162 regular season games in the MLB, compared to the NFL’s 16 games.

Noting that Esiason is a former quarterback, Carlson said, “Maybe he got the games mixed up in his mind.”  

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Carlson remarked that a father wanting to be present in his child's life is something that should be celebrated in today’s society.

Her manel of experts agreed that Murphy was right to be there after the birth of his son.

“If you have a child and you show up to work the next day, everybody at the job should be judging you – why aren’t you home?” comedian Pete Dominick said, adding that there’s an exception for people who don’t have paid leave.

Fox Business Network Ashley Webster called it “Stone Age mentality.”

He said, “I think Boomer Esiason was just trying to be the locker room guy, making fun of Murphy.”

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Earlier, on America's Newsroom, Bill Hemmer had radio talk show host Michael Graham and attorney Jessica Ehrlich debate the issue.

Graham said, "The only thing that guys do of any value involving children is getting the process started...and after that, we are useless."

Ehrlich countered, "It really is a wonderful example he is setting, especially someone in the macho sports world, to show that he puts his wife, his family and his newborn son first in his life."

Graham disagreed, "What if ... the Mets might find themselves in playoff contention ... and what if it came down to a single play in a single game, and he wasn't there to make the play and the whole team suffers, this team he made a commitment to."

Tell us where you stand on this issue!

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