Gretchen Carlson shared an incredible story out of Akron, Ohio. Former Navy Seal Chris Mark Heben, 44, was shot in the stomach at a grocery store parking lot. Heben managed to not only chase his attacker’s car, but he also plugged his wound and drove himself to the hospital.  

On The Real Story via Skype, Heben recounted how he was almost run over in the parking lot by a distracted driver. The two exchanged words and Heben walked away.

Then, he said the man pulled up next to him and said he needed to learn respect.

Heben replied, “In my line of work, in my world, respect is earned, it’s not given.”

Moments later, Heben said he felt tremendous pain in his stomach and the car drove away.

He had been shot, but instead of calling 911, he decided to chase after the man to catch his license plate.

“It was like looking through a lava lamp at a kaleidoscope,” he told Gretchen. “It was then that I realized I needed to break chase and get myself to a higher echelon of medical care.”

Police are still searching for the suspect.